A first class 10 person brass music ensemble. This is what Ensemble Brasssonanz stands for.  All members are from different orchestras, such as the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra of Niedersachsen (JPON), the National Youth Orchestra of Germany (BJO) and the German Youth Philharmonic.  Furthermore, all members of the ensemble are music students from renowned music academies in Germany, including those in Berlin, Detmold, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Münster and Stuttgart.  They come together for several rehearsals and concerts each year.
Many of the musicians in the ensemble are already playing as interns in professional orchestras. These include The Dresdner Philharmonic, the academy of the Berlin Philharmonic, the MDR Symphony Orchestra, the Hamburger State Opera, the State Theatre of Oldenburg, The Theater Halle, the Landestheater Detmold and the Jenaer Philharmonic. These internships are the stepping stones to becoming professional musicians.
The Ensemble Brasssonanz performs chamber music to an exceptional standard, while taking every opportunity to enjoy their work.  Their repertoire includes the classics by Bach, Handel and Purcell as well as Jazz. They also perform pieces specially composed for them, focussing on changing the orchestration to a trio or a quintet to show the spectrum of brass chamber music. 
In 2015 the Ensemble Brasssonanz performed in Cologne at and Dorsten. From that the ensemble was invited to festivals like the Euregio Festival in Osnabrbück, the Zeche Creativquartier Fürst Leopold in Dorsten and the Nienburger Orgelherbst.  In 2017 the trombones played at the award ceremny of the "Junge Ohren prize" in cologne. The whole ensemble will be performing at the castle festival Loccum, at the Heiderfeld Classics of music:landschaft Westfalen and opening the concert of the Marburger Konzertsaison. Highlights of 2017 are the first studio production of a CD, a concert at the Laeiszhalle Hamburg and a Christmas Concert with the organist Cameron Carpenter at the Konzerthaus Berlin.
2018 the ensemble gives concerts among others at the Thomaskirche Leipzig, at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and at the Schleswig Holstein Music Festival. 




Samuel Walter

Torsten Helbron 

French Horn

Sebastian Steube

Thorben Gruber


Maria Mertes

 Magnus Schröder

Martin Simon


Niklas van der Ven


Lukas Strieder


Tido Frobeen